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Fondazione Cantonuovo - education and humanitarian projects

Cantonuovo is a non-profit foundation that preserves the spiritual experience of the founders, developing and promoting their works and activities based on Jesus Christ and His message of the Kingdom of heaven. Cantonuovo seeks to train people so that they can, in an authentic and autonomous way, live as witnesses and ambassadors for the Lord. Among other things, Cantonuovo provides opportunities and support for anyone to know God's purpose for their lives, to develop their own resources according to the plan of God, to express and develop their skills by putting them at the service of others, and to deal with and manage moments of crisis and improve their relationships. The Foundation has the support of about 40 volunteers from Italy, Slovakia and Poland.

e-mail: fondazione@cantonuovo.org 
adress: Viale P. Toselli 11, 53100 Siena, Italy


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